About us


EXO Automotive has been working for more than 20 years in Italy and abroad, becoming a reference company for motor-vehicle spare parts after-market.

The company started its activity as sole distributor in Italy of the European brand Remsa, leading company for brake components; later on, it added Open Parts, its own brand of spare parts for motor-vehicles with a complete, top quality product range.



EXO Automotive orders are handled in a warehouse of 7,500 m² thanks to an automated integrated logistics, cooperating with a specialised international firm.

The labels on spare part packages are read by radiofrequency terminals, so that order dispatch operation can be faster, error margins can be reduced and the stock update can be checked in real time.

EXO Automotive logistic system can face spare part peaks in demand without changing delivery times all around Europe, with dispatch corresponding to 98% of the demand.

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