Wiper blades range update


The OPEN PARTS  FLAT EXTRA SLIM Wiper blades range is further extended with 5 new codes.

Three new codes are specific to some MERCEDES models, difficult to find on the market, because few brands offer these type of wipers.

OPEN PARTS today is able to satisfy the needs also for these vehicles:

- Class A (W176) Mod. 12-, GLA Class (X156) Mod. 14-, CLA (C117) Mod. 13-, CLA (X117) Mod. 15-

The code WBF0024.10 for the installation on the driver's side and the code WBF0019.10 for installation on the passenger side.

- Class C (W205) Mod. 14-, Class C (S205) Mod. 14-, Class C (A205) Mod. 16-

The code WBF0022.10 covers the installation for both sides, the driver and the passenger one.

The installation of these new wiper blades  is easy and immediate without the need of the adapter, as they are just for the above Mercedes models  arm.

Another 2 codes complete the FLAT EXTRA SLIM wiper blades  range for all car models  requiring  them thanks to 9 (nine)  universal adapters included in the package:

Code WBF0030.00: length 750 mm - 30 inches

Code WBF0032.00: length 800 mm - 32 inches

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