XPRO Ozone Generator

XPRO Ozone Generator


OP introduces the new XPRO Safety product line, dedicated to the protection, cleaning and sanitization of personal health in work environments. The new line will include personal protection equipment such as disposable gloves and masks, hand-sanitizing gel but also systems for sanitizing environments and vehicles such as the XPRO Ozone Generator, launch product of the line.

The Ozone Generation with quartz technology and 5000 mg/h ozone emissions, eliminates bacteria, allergens and molds from the environment and significantly reduces the risks of contamination and virus infection. 

An instrument of fundamental importance for the safety and health of the car repairer, during maintenance,  as well as the driver client. 

The ozone treatment is suitable to easily reach all surfaces, penetrates deeply into car fabrics and the ventilation system without damaging your car interiors or leaving stains or any chemical waste.

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