Gas springs

Gas springs

Highly reinforced for a constant calibration of the force on the tailgate

Pressurised with nitrogen gas and highly reinforced for a perfect gas seal that guarantees a constant calibration of the force on the front and rear tailgate.

composed of:


Molla a Gas esploso new



C45 steel, with mechanical grinding for a minimum roughness of 0.1 μm and a perfect roundness of 0.03 mm.

oil seal

Double rubber seal NBR. Specific oil with a viscosity of 40 mm²/sec at 40°C.


C20 steel, with matt anti-oxidation finish



quality tests

Tested for durability and resistance to low and high temperatures. Salt mist anti-rust test and resistance test of welded parts.


product information 

dettaglio molla

Each gas spring is stamped with information:

  • OP code
  • Extension force
  • Batch number
  • Safety instructions
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