Hydraulic Components

Hydraulic Components

Constant checking of all stage of production, ensuring safe driving.

Hydraulic components are certified as spare parts of matching quality according to regulation (EU) N. 461/2010.


Master cylinders are made of painted cast iron or aluminium, as required on original equipment. Anodizing treatment is applied to the aluminium body, to increase the surface hardness and avoid premature wear. Galvanizing treatment is applied to the cast iron body, to improve corrosion resistance.


Automatic checks and tests on rubber gasket seals, durability and resistance of Open Parts hydraulic components guarantee compliance and the quality required by regulations for type-approval and original equipment.


The Master Cylinder converts the force exerted on the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure, enabling the oil inside the circuit to exert a force that pushes the pads against the disc and the shoes against the drum. The master cylinder is a component subjected to great mechanical stress. Therefore all production and manufacturing processes are rigorously performed and checked to guarantee the maximum reliability of this component which is extremely important for driving safety.


Wheel cylinder transmits the force of the hydraulic pressure, pushing the shoes against the drum. A key component of the wheel cylinder is the rubber gasket, generally a lip seal. The high quality of gasket rubber guarantees high resistance to pressure, to wear and to the high temperatures of the brake fluid (about 150 °C).


Each component is supplied in an Open Parts packaging and has a label with the necessary information for the correct identification of the product.

Fitting instructions can be found inside the box.

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