Clutch Kit

Clutch Kit

Constant checking of all stage of production, ensuring safe driving.



Precision mechanical machining (CNC) ensures that the inner surface and the fixing surface to the flywheel are perfectly parallel. Additional counterweights offer the correct dynamic balancing for increased driving comfort. The diaphragm spring is made of chromium-vanadium steel case-hardened at high temperatures for increased surface hardness and improved wear resistance.

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The friction material is the same used for the original equipment, in compliance with the demands of car manufacturers. The flexible spring couplings are tested for elasticity and strength, thus eliminating vibrations.

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Each batch is tested during production to assess load force, torsional stiffness (5 million cycles) and fatigue resistance of the diaphragm spring (1 million cycles) to confirm its dimensional stability and its high resistance in the harshest operating conditions.

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Clutch line with Reinforced disc support, the result of a special heat treatment applied on the structure of the disc which gives it a titanium color.


CLK90490301 CNC


Complete range of every types of kits:

2 pc KIT

  • Cover, Disc
  • Cover, Disc, CSC

3 pc KIT

  • Cover, Disc, Bearing

4 pc KIT

  • Cover, Disc, Flywheel
  • Cover, Disc, Flywheel, Bearing
  • Cover, Disc, Flywheel, CSC

Range completo kit frizioni

Fitting instructions can be found inside the box.

extended 2 – years warranty with

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