Water Pumps

Water Pumps

Research into a study of materials and use of original equipment components to protect the engine.

Water pumps are certified as spare parts of matching quality according to regulation (EU) N. 461/2010.


The body of the pump is made of aluminium alloy mixed with copper, silicon and zinc and it is bored mechanically, for flawless housing of the bearing and mechanical seal.

Also used in the original equipment the reinforced mechanical seal, the rubber in HNBR material, the silicon carbide seals and the compact spring ensure a perfect hydraulic seal of the pump even under the harshest conditions and a greater resistance to wear even in the presence of micro-impurities.

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Extreme mechanical seal test as for the original equipment, to confirm the quality of the mechanical seal: 110°C x 1000 h (equivalent to 100.000 km).


There are reinforced bearings where present on the original equipment.


The following information is shown on the water pump and label: brand, article code, production batch.

Fitting instructions can be found inside the box.

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