Cabin Air Filters

Cabin Air Filters

With a high pollutant-filtration capacity, they preserve the health of the driver.

Cabin air filters are certified as spare parts of matching quality according to regulation (EU) N. 461/2010.


Open Parts cabin air filters feature a high pollutant-filtration capacity by trapping all particles measuring over 3-5 micron, exhaust fumes and smaller microorganisms. They are made of non-woven fabric, a highly resistant material with a sieve filtration system consisting of intertwined fibres.

The high filtration capacity of Open parts cabin air filters is guaranteed by the wider non-woven fabric surface area, determined by the minor distance and the height of fold points.

What’s more, filter’s structure is particularly solid thanks to the fusion between the frame and filter material, which holds it firmly in its housing and prevents the unit from losing its shape.

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It traps pollen, soot and all invisible polluting agents preventing them from getting inside the vehicle


In addition to acting as a standard filter, it is able to trap gases harmful to the health (such as benzole, toluol and ozone) and eliminates unpleasant smells generated by heavy traffic.

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SPRING: protecting ourselves from dust in the air helps us to keep the symptoms of spring allergies at bay

SUMMER: an effective climate control system is further protection from the high build-up of ozone in the summer months

AUTUMN: a good barrier against the irritating particles in the air after the harvest has been gathered and the new crop still has to be planted

WINTER: a clean filter means the passenger compartment is ventilated regularly and prevents the windows from misting up.

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On the filter and label is the following information: brand, article code, production batch.

Installation instructions for each car model available on-line

CAF Label

2 years of warranty with

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