Engine Filters

Engine Filters

Featuring all safety systems envisaged for original equipment, they preserve the health of the engine.

Engine filters are certified as spare parts of matching quality according to regulation (EU) N. 461/2010.


Open Parts engine filters are made of high-quality filter paper treated with protective epoxy or acrylic phenolic resins, for resistance to deterioration, temperatures and chemicals.

Cutting-edge production techniques ensure engine's long life and resistance

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Tasted saftey

Open Parts engine filters are subjected to accurate and strict laboratory tests that verify filtering effectiveness and resistance to deterioration and tearing due to pressure.

Engine air filters

Engine air filters protect against up to 99.9% of the impurities harmful to the engine (mineral dust, soot, organic particles) and maintains the correct air flow.

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  • standard
  • reinforced construction
  • with pre-filter
  • with injection method


  • standard
  • reinforced construction
  • with pre-filter
  • with lip seal
Engine oil filters

Engine oil filters capture the abrasive particles produced by ordinary wear and by combustion residues, that could compromise the integrity of the engine. Open Parts engine oil filters are complete with all safety valves.


  • cartridge
  • screw-fit

filtro olio

Fuel filters

Open Parts fuel filters retain dust, dirt and water, effectively protecting the fuel circuit of the engine from wear and withstand high pressure and chemical agents contained in fuel.


  • carburettor petrol filter
  • petrol filter for injection engines
  • iesel filter

filtro benzina


Some cartridges are produced without using metal components, to facilitate replacement and waste disposal.

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The following information is shown on the engine filter and label: brand, article code, production batch.

Fitting instructions can be found inside the box.

Engine Filters label


2 years of warranty with www.ew2years.com

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