Hermetic Extra Power Batteries

Hermetic Extra Power Batteries

Extra powered line for fully equipped cars.

Open Parts batteries quality is guaranteed by compliance with ISO/TS 16949 standard.

Quality of components

Open Parts starter batteries stand for power and reliability thanks to the high number of plates and the advanced manufacturing technology.
The plates processed with the use of 99.998% pure lead without alloys ensure a higher power level in extreme weather conditions.
The use of expanded metal Ca/Ca technology guarantees cold starts, greater number of charge/discharge cycles, and lower water consumption.

elementi di piombo
Longer life

In battery cover there is a thermo-welded labyrinth that recovers part of the acid solution that evaporates, directing it back inside the cells in liquid form, reducing its consumption and increasing battery life.

interno labirinto
Higher power

Hermetic Extra Power batteries differ from the other batteries in the range because they feature even more plates within the cells, for higher pickup levels and therefore more power delivered to the car.

batteria trasparenza

Tested safety

The quality of Open Parts batteries is confirmed by passing overturning tests thanks to the double hermetically sealed cover and -18°C tests in compliance with EN50342 standard.
Furthermore, Open Parts batteries are protected from external sparks thanks to the use of Teflon safety devices on the breather holes.

Batteria OP rovesciata

  • sealed battery
  • for all vehicles
  • 45-100 AH
  • current pickup +25%

General chart of Techinal Info


The labels show all identification data of the batteries with the plate number of the individual cells highlighted as a confirmation of their actual power and capacity. 

BT Extra Power
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