Steering linkage and suspension

Steering linkage and suspension

Materials and production processes that conform to the original product.

Steering linkage and suspension is certified as spare parts of matching quality according to regulation (EU) N. 461/2010.


Steering linkage and suspension parts are important for car safety and driver’s comfort because they guarantee a stable and safe driving in all conditions.

Traction, compression and torsion of components are ensured by the high quality of raw materials (e.g. steel, aluminium); some of them are thermally-treated for an increased resistance.

Precision machining in compliance with the strict tolerances required, makes this product a component having a quality like the factory-fit part (OE compliant ISO/TS 16949).

Tiranteria sterzo e sospensioni OP



  • Axial Joint
  • Tie Rod End
  • Tie Rod Assembly


  • Snodo sospensione
  • Braccio oscillante - Braccio oscillante intermedio
  • Supporto o Boccola
  • Stabilizzatore

Gamma tiranteria sterzo e sospensioni


All components were carefully tested to guarantee the quality safety required OE standards.

The tests evaluate more parameters through dynamic, metrological and metallographic tests:

  • incoming quality of raw materials and semi-manufactures
  • quality of production/manufacturing process
  • life tests on each components

test tiranteria


The following information is given on the components and label: brand, article code, production batch.
Fitting instructions can be found inside the box.
extended 2 – years warranty with

Etichetta tiranteria OP

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