Timing Chain Kit

Timing Chain Kit

The Chain Kit completes the range in response to the growing needs of the market, due to the return of the chain drive mounted by more and more manufacturers.

The Timing Chain Kit are certified as spare parts of matching quality according to regulation (EU) N. 461/2010.


Each kit consists of several elements and some codes in addition to the distribution chain are also provided with the oil pump and chain. The latter for some applications are available in individual kits.

  • CHAINS they are made with high-strength steels resisting stress and wear. Each chain is subjected to severe disruption test in laboratory. As per specifications of the first plant , each application requires a different type of chain: standard, duplex standard simplex, simplex silent.
  • TURNBUCKLES they are made as provided by the original equipment parameters and in full compliance with the chain tensioning forces.
  • GEARS compounded by high-quality steels and subjected to thermal treatments ensure the durability of the toothed profiles, thus avoiding vibrations and noise that can cause premature wear.
  • SLIDES sliding guides and guides chain tensioning chain are made with polymers reinforced with glass fibers, ensuring resistance to wear , friction and high temperatures.
  • SEALS seals and gaskets for original equipment branded VICTOR REINZ.


The product and the data plate show the following information: brand, part code, production batch.

The package contains installation instructions.

extended 2 – years warranty with www.ew2years.com

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