Hub bearing kit

Hub bearing kit

A long time safe driving and perfect steering performance

The importance of the wheel hub bearing


The wheel hub bearing plays an important role in the vehicle transmission system and for the safety of the motorist. Its function is to allow the correct rotation of the wheel along the axis in order to minimize the friction force, with benefits also on driving performance.

Correct installation not only prolongs the life cycle of the car but also has positive effects on the performance and durability of the other transmission-related components.



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The OP Wheel Hub Range includes 269 codes, available in four versions:

  • Only bearing: Generation 0
  • Double coaxial bearing: Generation 1
  • With bearing integrated in the flange: Generation 2
  • With bi-flange bearing: Generation 3




The components of the kit are individually packed in a well-finished packaging complete with accessories (bolts and hubcap) and instructions.

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The product can be tracked thanks to the marking reporting article code and production batch number.

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